Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of my favorite items as a kid growing up was the “View-Master”. I had so much fun with these, I only probably had two growing up, the actual view-master itself. I remember having a red one and maybe a black one.
There were all sorts of disks that could watch in them. I remember having all so many at one point in time due to us going to Flea Markets and Garage Sales every other weekend. You could score some really neat items at these spots and for cheap.
I remember having famous landmarks from around the world, scenic views, cartoons, Disney, hit T.V. shows and this list could go on. I remember sitting for hours alone or with friends, flicking through each disk and drifting off into each one of them. These were great to have on trips, being stuck in car for any amount of time was a drag as a kid.

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