Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was staring at a gumball machine around 1978, trying to figure out if I wanted to waster my twenty five cents on something called “SLIME”. It was in the prize packaging but it looked all gooey and stuck everywhere to the plastic that it was encased in. I deposited my quarter and out popped my prize of SLIME. I had hours of fun with this SLIME and my mother possibly cringing on the inside.
This was my first encounter with SLIME and later on they came out with a small glowing green trash can packed with more SLIME  and more hours of fun. I think every kid in my neighborhood had a can of this stuff. The only downfalls this SLIME was the smell, the feeling it left in your hands and it got dirty quickly. But as a kid, I owned several cans of it.

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