Monday, December 6, 2010

The Night It Snowed In Orlando

Yes, it snowed in Florida! I was asleep at the time, this is when we lived on 7222 Harwick Dr. in Orlando. I remember being woke up really early in the morning. The date was January 19, 1977. My parents woke me and told me it was snowing. I could not believe it, they dressed me quickly. I stood at the back sliding glass door, watching the snow fall from the dark sky. We opened the door and ran out, the picnic table we had in the backyard was cover in it and I learned how to make snow balls. We had a small snowball fight and I played out there for what seemed like an hours. I remember my mother telling me to try and make a snowball and save it in the freezer. I was so excited, I made two. The next morning, they had melted.That was such a magical night and one of my fondest memories as a kid.

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