Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The year was 1974 when I saw "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" it was my first scary movie and I should have never seen this until I was much older.  I remember going to the drive-in and seeing this movie and at first I did not know the impact this movie had on me until I was at Kmart in the toy section.
 I was all alone looking at the toys when I saw the plastic chainsaw out of the box. It made a real sound by pulling the small handle with the cord attached. I looked down at the end of the isle at I was on and saw another kid staring at me and I looked at him and yelled that I was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and started to chase him down all the isle in the store, I was jerking that handle and shouting I was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre while this kid ran for his life. We both were away from our parents and finally I was caught by the manager and then he found my mom.

(not the actual chainsaw I used)

I am sure it was embarrassing for her at the time and probably she laughed about later down the road. I know I did, I thought it was so funny. I told that story throughout my life. I am glad the movie didn’t have a deeper impact on my life than what it did. That movie is one of my favorite scary movies of all time. I wonder why?!

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