Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In 1975, shortly after watching, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a new scary movie surfaced. Jaws! It changed the way I viewed going to beach with my family. I was now scared of the water and what lurked beneath its surface. This movie was about a huge great white shark that terrorized a beach. This was another on of those movies that I should not have saw as a small kid.
I never wanted to step foot in the ocean again and for many years I sat by the waters edge and played.  I was convinced that Jaws existed at every beach we went too. Trust me, there are sharks everywhere in Florida but not like the one in the movie but as a small kid, you could not convince me of this. I thought Jaws was alive and well at every beach. I am sure that my parents regretted that I ever viewed this movie.
You see today’s films that come out saturate the T.V. with commercials about the films and back when I was a kid, you would maybe see one commercial or so about new movie. We would just load up and go to the drive-in without knowing what’s playing on a Friday or Saturday night. Believe me; I have seen more movies back that I should not have seen.
Jaws is a great movie and another one of my favorites.

                                         Plus every kid around this era owned the Jaws game.

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