Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jack In The Box

As a kid, I loved playing with the “Jack In The Box”. I t was a brightly colored box containing a colorful clown that popped out when you used the crank on the side. It would play a off beat tune while using the crank while you awaited the clown to pop up through the door on top of the box. He was supported by a spring and a loaded trap door that held him in, sometimes in mid crank he would pop out early.
Later on, came “Jack In The Box” restaurant.  It was located near the Forrest City area. I only remember one location that was close to us. We would dine here from time to time. I remember the sign was a real catcher. It was of a Jack In The Box.
I only remember them for their hamburgers. They did not survive long here but they are still in business.

Note: This is not the actual Jack In The Box of Florida.

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