Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drive-In Theaters

It is hard to believe that most of these faded away. I loved drive-ins as a kid. We would gather friends or family, pile into car(s) and go watch the latest movie. We would get there before the show would even start, the parents would let the kids run rampant in the surrounding area where we parked. I even remember times when our parents would cheap out and sneak us in. The main drive-in we attended was the "RiMar Drive-In" it was the located at 6287 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Lockhart, FL 32810.  It was a single screen that opened by Floyd Theatres in 1961. The car capacity was listed at 300. There was never that many cars there but it would get very crowded at times. There were other drive-ins around town but this was the closest one to us.

An actual Rimar Flyer:

This is a speaker that you attached to your car widow:

This is the screeen:

The last two photos are not from the Rimar Drive-In, just samples.


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  1. Yea I remember the ol drive in. And to this day, I'll take that over those mall theaters any day. In fact, I won't even go to the movies anymore, as I just wait for em to come out on dvd. We use to pile everyone up in the car (and sometimes sneak in to, who didn't?) & just spend a Friday night at the movies. Then go roller skating the next night & go watch rasslin on Sunday's. Just some great but innocent times back then. Today's kids have no idea on just what they missed out on. There to wrapped up in there high tech toys, & there I-Pods & there Kindle's & there AGRs or BWKs or anythin else with fancy letters or initials. LOL We would (drive-in) also pack sandwiches in foil & put em in a cooler with ice along with macaroni & potato salad & just go. Of course I was the smart one cos I would spend my time where the food was, at the snack shop at the drive in. Besides, there were a lot of purdy girls there. LOL Its funny. You have on that image here the movie The Born Losers. I only say that cos I have the complete "Billy Jack" films now on dvd. In fact, "Billy Jack was the first movie I ever saw at the drive-in as a kid. Tom Laughlin who played that role just recently passed away to. I emailed his daughter to pass along my condolences. But yea, the drive-in was a great era to be alive in. I'm just glad me & you are still here to educate the young-uns on all the fun they missed.Cant thank ya enough for reminding me of all the fun we all had back in a more innocent time. Great job!!!