Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Entrepreneur In Me

It’s funny to think back to how I was in elementary school. I loved candy and each morning on my way to school, my mother would stop at the local convenience store and let me buy two dollars worth of candy and then I would go to school and sell it. I did this for many years until I started to take the bus to school. I would also take requests for candy and supply them with the candy and a small mark up. If I bought a pack of candy for twenty five cents I would sell it for fifty cents. It all depended on what candy I purchased.

The pack of Spree candy was great and my favorite. I would buy it for like fifty cent and due to it being in a roll, I would count out like five pieces and sell them for a quarter or more, this all depended on if the kid was a friend or not. I would make so much money each day and take it home and put it in my piggy bank.

These are the various candy items I sold when I was a kid. I do not think I ever told my mom that I was making money off the candy until later on in my life. I really think back then she would have frowned upon this but now, she would have thought of this as an investment and bought me more candy. The only downfalls I experienced were getting caught with candy and or not having enough for me throughout the entire day of school, which happened a lot. I would sometimes have to buy back candy if I felt the need to have some towards the end of the day.

                             These were the ones thats I sold the most of and where always cheap.

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