Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke"

In 1978, there was another movie that I should not have seen as a kid, Up In Smoke.  This was from a comedy duo named Cheech and Chong.  Did my parents know about them? I am sure they did, but did they know about the film?
I remember viewing this movie with my best friend and the fun we had in the days that followed seeing it. We mimicked these two guys, for what seemed like weeks, they were so funny but we did not know the real reason behind them being funny until later on in life, much later! We followed these two guys for a number of years until they broke up and faded away. But these two guys had such a cult following and still do to this day.
I could not believe that my parents allowed me to view these movies at all, but they probably thought that we would just play and not watch the films so closely. But back then you could only play so long until people got mad and yelled at us or our parents.

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