Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Throwing Stars & Nunchucks

Here is couple others items in the same vein as the Daisy B.B. Gun, chinese throwing stars and nunchucks. We all had them at such a young age, what were our parents thinking? These were crazy dangerous!!! But so much fun! Where could you not buy this back in the day? They were all over the place, thanks to those kung-fu movies and Bruce Lee movies. I would buy two stars and lose one. This was a pattern. They came in all shapes and sizes. Some colorful with chinese designs, some plain and simple. Yes, we even threw them at one another, like only crazy kids would.

The nunchucks were so expensive, we learned to rig up our own after buying and either losing them or breaking them. I think, I only owned two pairs of them and made about twenty. We would never use them on one another but we did hit ourselves a few hundred times swing them around like ninjas! They were more dangerous to the user than to any one else.

The funny thing about these dangerous objects is that they kept us entertained for numerous hours. I think we took more time building these nunchucks than actually playing with them. There were times we even tinkered with making the stars, but they were hard to make right and cheaper to just buy.

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