Thursday, December 2, 2010

Atari 2600, My First Gaming Console

I remember when this unit first surfaced, it was very expensive and highly popular! It was around $200.00! I could not wait to get my own and  I got mine the Christmas of '77 and I played it until my fingers ached. I would not leave my room for hours at a time and neither did any of my friends that came to visit. I would sit on that floor and zone out the world. When I got home from school I would play until dinner then sometimes until bed.

It came with one game, called Combat, it had 27 video games in one. Then came Air/Sea Battle and it had 27 video games in one. The next one was Indy 500 with 14 games and Video Olympics with 50 games in one. We played all these games so much and could not get enough of them, some games were better  than others. But as time passed we wanted something new and it happened towards the 1980's.

                               There will be more to follow with this story at another time...ahhh the 80's!

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