Monday, December 6, 2010

Flying Kites

I remember back living on 7222 Harwick Dr. and the fun my mother and I shared. We lived at the back of this housing development and behind our house was woods. The road that dead ended into the woods cornered our road, we would walk down to where the dirt road that ran off into the woods, this is where we flew kites. We would buy extra string to tie onto the kites attached string so it would go really high.

My mother would run and get it started and hand it off to me once it was high enough for me to control it. It was so much fun, we would get that kite soaring so high up it sometimes seemed unbelievable. These were some great memories with my mother.

This is just one style of kites that were popular back in the day. But we bought so many because they were so cheaply made that they would end up being damaged.

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