Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Shortly after the “Bigfoot” sighting is when the next weird thing happened in those woods. I was asleep in bed with my two dogs, Murphy and Marco when I heard the strangest noise outside my window. My bedroom was on the backside of the house facing the woods. I jumped up and pushed aside the curtains to see what was making the terrible noise. Right above the trees was this bright light it was making a terrible noise, not only was I up now the dogs were too. Both of my dogs were crazy barking at the window. I jumped out of bed and ran into my parents room, yelling at them to wake up, there is something going on in the woods.
The dogs were at the back sliding glass door, barking and going absolutely crazy over that sound. We all stood at that glass looking back into those woods, the light I told them was above the trees in now on the ground and that sound was not as loud was it was. But that did not stop those dogs from barking, it was driving them mad. My parents seemed a scared to open that glass door to let them out. We could not take them barking any more. Suddenly the light was out and that noise was gone. But that did not stop our dogs; they ran the fence line, barking back and forth.
We stood by that glass door that was now wide open listening. Nothing. We stood there for a while, my parents kept talking about an U.F.O., I have heard about them, but only on T.V. and I heard they were not real. But I will say, whatever landed in those woods that night/morning changed my views on them forever. I saw something bright and noisy land in those woods that is not something I made up, it was real. My parents witnessed that noise and saw those lights on the ground. We did not see any thing else but lights and that terrible weird noise. That noise was terribly loud and weird, like a high pitched engine and those lights was very bright near blinding. It lit those woods up in that area that they were in, I rounded up the neighbor kids to try and adventure out there without our parents knowing but every one was scared and even I was too but wanted to see where it landed.
But due to that “Bigfoot” scare months back, no one wanted to adventure out into those woods to examine that area where we saw those lights. I am not saying this was an U.F.O. but it was something along the lines of one.

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