Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jet Disc Tracer Gun

As a kid growing up, you play games such a “Cowboys & Indians”, “Cops & Robbers” and “War”. There are several ways to plays these games. But one of the best ways to play these games was with the “Jet Disc Tracer Gun”, these actually shot little discs out and they would shot them pretty far. This was when you shot someone, you could see the disc hit them and knowing this, they were out of commission.
I cannot recall how many of this little plastic discs went missing around several yards and nearby woods around our neighborhood. I do not even know how many guns, I had but I do know that we bought many packs of discs; sometimes we could hunt and find the ones we shot do their colors. We would get a hundred in the pack and buy two or three packs for back up.
These discs were safe to shot at one another without any one being hurt. These were great to even shot at random stuff around the neighborhood. But thinking now, its crazy to think about them many of these discs we left on the ground.

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