Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kmart And Zayre

When I was kid growing up, there was no Walmarts or Targets. There was Zayres and Kmarts.  Kmart and Zayres, both had almost every thing you wanted or needed at a discounted price. These were the only two good stores in our area that was close to us.
Kmart was famous for their “Blue Light Specials” and their popular, phrase "attention Kmart shoppers".  I remember hearing both of the phrases when I was a kid. I also remember sitting there with my mother while the spokesman for the “Blue Light Special” told us the ins and outs of what he was pushing on special. This varied from time to time and so did the time frame. I was a kid and having me sit there and listen to this guy rant and rave about some special, drove me into pure boredom. If it was not a exciting new toy at a special price, I wasn’t having any thing to do with it, which probably upset my mother to some degree.
I really cannot give any details about Zayres, it was open only for a short time in our area and reopened a little further away from the Apopka area.  I just remember they had an amazing toy section and that was about it.

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