Monday, November 29, 2010


The next sport that I used to love was, kickball. We used to kickball for hours. From school to home, it was an activity that I loved. Why? Because I was damn good at kicking the ball, my friend in elementary school showed me how to kick it the right way, it was over. I would kick that ball and it seemed like it would go a mile. I was no longer had to run the bases. I would just walk them and smile. There was a trick to  it, I used to stand and kick it, but runnning was the key.
Then the ball doubled for a game of dodge ball. This was another game that was so fun but not so much fun when you got hit. This ball could really be thrown with speed because of it being so light and avoiding getting hit in the face or head. I remember being hit many times back when I was a kid and I also remember returning the favor many times over.

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