Monday, November 29, 2010

The Flintstones Big Wheel

I do not remember the year I got this big wheel but I know the story beinhd it and it makes me smile every time. I was visiting my grandparents house one weekend when my pappaw asked me if I wanted to go to the auction with him. I had no idea what an auction was but I loved being out of the house, so I agreed. I went this auction, which had many neat items ranging from painting to cars to big wheels? Yes, big wheels! I remember, I could not see all the items being sold, so my pappaw put me on his shoulders so I see better. I guess when they rolled out the big wheel it was all over. I somehow bid on it. I do not recall the amount of money my pappaw forked over for it, but I did not hear the end of it on the car ride back from Lakeland.

Pic to follow.

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