Thursday, November 18, 2010

G.I. Joe Action Figure (Kung Fu Grip)

This is a long time running joke with my parents. When I was a child my parents bought me this action figure named G.I. Joe, it was around the latter 70's time frame. I do not remember how the gift came into play, either for a birthday or Christmas present. It shortly became my favorite toy. The best part, it was a talking action figure, pull this string and he said a few words. They are stated on the outside of the box, each set of sayings. One night we were gathered around after dinner watching T.V. and I was on a rampage with this toy and out the blue, he some degree. His sayings were bundled together. The best saying that we can remember to this day was, "Rough going, can you make it". There were others one combined not like this one, it was hilarous! Some from time to time, we all still say his one saying.."Rough going, can you make it!"

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