Monday, November 29, 2010

Daisy Red Ryder B.B. Gun

I really do not know a good age to give a kid a B.B. gun, I got one when I was like....10 or 11. This was probably too young. I was a good kid and a wee bit spoiled being an only child so it was only natural that I would get the first B.B. gun on the block. Good Ole Leggits in Apopka came through for me on probably my birthday or Christmas.
The havoc that I reeked with this will go with me to my grave, lol! I shot everything imaginable with this gun and was a damn good shot with it, I was a pro! This gun got me into more trouble than I will ever share. I know my son will be requesting one these types of guns in the very near future and how can I say, no! My parents didn't and I know all to well the hell that gun can get you in....

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