Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pin Up Legend: Bettie Page

I do not recall when I encontered the infamous Bettie Page, but I am sure it was probably from my father or maybe even my Aunt. Yes, I said Aunt! She always collected this all sorts of books and I could have ran across her images in those books or my fathers smut collection. But her pictorials were not easily forgotten. She was ahead of time and knew how to capture your eye and heart. I was always getting into place and things that kids my age had no business being but there she was and so was I.

                                                                         Betty Page
I recall seeing her in all sorts of outfits from tame to wild. I rememeber seeing her everywhere I turned. It was from big print to small print, black and white to full color. Her images jumped from the those pages. She is still the queen of pin up. Indulge....

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